Koons Ford Football Challenge


10th Annual Koons Ford Football Challenge
Pick the winner and total points scored and win a $50 Visa gift card
(see rules below)

** Week #17 **
Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns

Sunday, December 30th 4:25pm

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Good Luck!

 Weekly Winners of the $50 Visa Gift Card

 1Buffalo Bills @ Baltimore Ravens Sunday, September 9 1:00pmWayne Gross Sr
 2Indianapolis Colts @ Washington Redskins Sunday, September 16 1:00pmRegina Rivas
 3Green Bay Packers @ Washington Redskins, Sunday, September 23 1:00pmNorman Gant
 4Baltimore Ravens @ Pittsburgh Steelers, Sunday  September 30th 8:20pmRuth Brown
 5Baltimore Ravens @ Cleveland Browns, Sunday  October 7th 1:00pmNo Winner 
 6Baltimore Ravens @ Tennessee Titans, Sunday  October 14th 1:00pm ($100)Gerry Collison
 7Dallas Cowboys @ Washington Redskins Sunday, October 21st 4:25pmKerri Underwood
 9Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday, November 4th 1:00pmNorma Gant
 10Washington Redskins vs. Tampa Bay Bucs, Sunday Nov. 11th 1:00pmNo Winner
 11Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals, Sunday Nov. 18th 1:00pm ($100)Dale Hillard
 12Washington Redskins @ Dallas Cowboys, Thursday Nov 22 4:30pmScott Koscielniak
 13Washington Redskins @ Philadelphia Eagles, Monday Dec 3rd 8:15pmDennis Calabrese
 14Baltimore Ravens @ KC Chiefs, Sunday December 9th 1:00pmCarl Schinner
 15Washington Redskins vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, Sunday December 16th 1:00pmJoe Pelois
 16Baltimore Ravens @ LA Chargers, Saturday December 22 8:20pmVelma Contee
 17Baltimore Ravens vs. Cleveland Browns, Sunday December 30 4:25pm?

How To Play:

  • Guess the Winner of the Selected Game & The Total Points scored in the game, for both teams - including overtime if there is one! - That's It! Just use the form provided. 
  • One Winner Each Week of the Season, with some extra prizes randomly throughout the season including playoffs.
  • Free Superbowl Block Picks at the End of the Season!

The Rules:

  • The Contest is Open to Everyone.
  • One Entry Per Person, Per Email Address, Per Week.
  • The Winner must have selected the Winning team and the exact total points scored in the game, including overtime.
  • The Winner will Receive a $50 Visa Gift Card.
  • If there is no winner, the closest guess (without going over the total points) wins.
  • In the event of multiple correct answers, The first correct answer received will be the winner of the $50 Visa Gift Card.
  • If all point guesses are over the total score of the game - the winnings will be pushed to the next week/game.
  • If we receive duplicate entries, the latest entry received will be accepted, all previous entries will be voided.
  • Scores will be accepted until game time.
  • Employees are welcome to play, for fun, however, they are not eligible to win.
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