What to do at the scene of an accident

When the unfortunate happens, there are certain steps that you can take to in order to make certain every one is safe and make the claims process simpler and easier. Being prepared at the scene of the accident is important.


Keep the proper documents & safety equipment  in your car.
  • Vehicle Registration
  • Proof of Auto Insurance
  • Driver's License
  • Flares, Cones, Emergency Signage
  • Blanket & Bottled water


  • Step 1: Check Yourself for Injuries & Your Passengers for injuries.  Tend to people first - make sure everyone is okay and call 911 immediately if anyone is injured.

  • Step 2: Get to Safety. Notice your surrounding and be aware and take extra caution should the accident be the result of road rage or a potential carjacking.  Remove yourself from the roadway if possible.

  • Step 3: Call 911 & Wait for Help to Arrive. Report the accident. Don't leave the scene. 

  • Step 4: Exchange Information. Collect as much information as possible.  Get the name and contact information of everyone involved in the crash including passengers and witnesses. If you are involved in a multi-car accident, ask the other driver or drivers for their license, car registration and insurance ID. Document all information in your notes, or take pictures of the documents with your phone.  

  • Step 5: Document the Accident. Note the location of the accident, time of day and the weather conditions. This is especially important if the police are not able to respond to the incident.  Make certain to visit the nearest police station and file an incident report.  Having an official report help protect you in the event the other party decides to sue for damages or medical injuries.

  • Step 6: Notify Your Insurer to start the Claims Process.  As soon as your are able, notify your insurance company and inform them of the accident.  Doing this as soon as possible will help in remembering all the details of the accident.  

  • Step 7: Towing. If you are unable to drive your vehicle, you'll need to contact a towing company.  At this time, you'll need to make a decision as to where you want the vehicle to go.  We suggest having the vehicle sent to your trusted collision center, Of course, we hope that is Koons Collision Center, either way - you don't want to pay for towing twice.  So have a plan in place. 
  • Step 8: Schedule Repairs: Work with your collision center team to schedule a time to have your insurance company assess the damage so work can begin on your vehicle.